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A PPWE study found that the lack of women’s entrepreneurial networks in APEC is a barrier for growth for woman-owned businesses in the region.  Thus, the PPWE created the Women’s Entrepreneurship (WE-APEC) initiative, which is focused on connecting women entrepreneurs with to each other, to the private sector to access the vast range of goods and services available from women-owned enterprises, and to government services that help businesses grow.
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Janet L Stephens

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      Shirley J James

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        Important Facts About Online Gambling

        Important Facts About Online Gambling
        Gambling online has become increasingly popular as people can use various websites to pay for
        the games they play. By participating in these games online gambling singapore, you can win more money or lose it all.
        Most games are set through a casino or gambling service, whereas individual players are not
        allowed to conduct this activity. You should be aware of the origin of a gambling site and whether
        the state in which you reside allows it. The following are important tips to help you enjoy
        gambling online responsibly.

        In 7 Easy Steps, You Can Set Up An Online Casino
        Legality of online gambling
        Whether or not online gambling is legal depends on the location in which you live. Some states
        have legalized online gambling, while others have banned it altogether. In addition, Canada
        regulates online gambling in specific regions, with some provinces using country-wide laws,
        while others have individual gambling institutions. Here are some facts that may help you make
        your decision. Read on to learn more. Despite the legality of online gambling in many
        jurisdictions, the practice may not be entirely risk-free.
        Because the internet reaches across the globe, there is no single piece of legislation that covers
        online gambling globally. Instead, most countries have specific laws governing gambling that
        differ from region to region. These laws make online gambling legal in some areas, while outright
        banning it in others. Because these laws can be so complex, it’s important to educate yourself on
        the rules before you play. In this article, we’ll briefly cover some of the main differences.
        Types of gambling sites
        There are several different types of gambling sites, and each has its own unique characteristics.
        Online casinos, for example, offer many casino games, including blackjack, roulette, and slot
        machines. Players can place bets in denominations ranging from pennies to thousands of
        dollars. Poker Web sites feature card rooms where players compete against other players and

        the house. These types of gambling sites are a great option for players who enjoy person-to-
        person betting. Casinos take a small percentage of winnings as commission.

        New gambling sites often offer a good service, especially for new players, since they don’t have
        a long history and established customer base. However, they need to attract customers, and
        many offer free games or no deposit bonuses to entice new players. Regardless of whether
        you’re looking for free play or real money games, there’s an online gambling site for you. Listed
        below are some of the different types of gambling sites.

        How Do Online Casino Regulations Look Like In Portugal? - The Jerusalem Post
        Deposit and withdrawal options
        If you are a regular gambler, you’re probably familiar with the options for deposit and withdrawal
        when gambling online. While the methods used vary from casino to casino, most accept at least
        one or two methods. Many players use e-wallets, such as PayPal and Skrill, to fund their
        accounts. These methods are also widely accepted at online casinos, though they often carry
        fees. Other deposit and withdrawal options include bank transfers and cash.

        Despite the convenience of these options, some online casinos have very strict limits on how
        much money they will let you withdraw and deposit. In general, you cannot deposit and withdraw
        using the same method. In fact, you can’t even use the same method for both. If you’re new to
        online gambling, you’ll want to find out how reliable a specific casino is before using it. For
        instance, 22 bet offers a huge selection of games, excellent bonus promotions, and a great
        customer service team.
        Impact of COVID-19 on online gambling
        Although the impact of COVID-19 regulation on online gambling is still unclear, the government
        has taken steps to address this problem. One example is the weekly deposit limit. The
        intervention aims to discourage problem gambling, but it has not been universally accepted. In
        addition, some people exposed to COVID-19 have not known about the limit, so they continued
        gambling with other operators. However, this is not a complete answer.
        The Covid-19 pandemic has increased the prevalence of online gambling and online activity.
        These online activities are causing increased financial and psychological pressures and social
        isolation. Further, the increased access to online gambling has created opportunities for isolated
        individuals who have not been able to gamble before. This has increased the number of problem
        gamblers, as well as gambling advertisements targeting vulnerable populations. Despite the
        increased popularity, however, these findings cannot rule out the possibility of the Covid-19
        pandemic’s negative impact on online gambling.

        Which Skincare Device is Right For You?

        Which Skincare Device is Right For You?
        If you’re a beauty junkie, a skincare device can help you get the results you want. In this article,
        we’ll look at the MBK Curve, Droplette, and Personal Microderm Classic. These skincare
        devices are effective at treating different skin types and offer various benefits. To make your
        decision easier beauty device Malaysia, check out the following information. Listed below are the top three skincare
        devices. You may want to choose one over the other.

        Weird beauty products: 17 unusual beauty products that work
        MBK Curve
        The MBK Curve is an innovative skincare device developed by German biochemist Dr. Matthias
        B. Kettner. This device combines 4 skincare modalities to rejuvenate the skin, including deep
        cleansing, serum infusion, LED light therapy https://beautyfoomall.com/, and micro-current technology. It also boosts
        collagen production and lifts the eye area. However, it is not for everyone. If you are unsure of
        whether this device is for you, check out our review below.
        MBK Essence
        The MBK Essence skincare device combines four different modalities to achieve optimal results.
        You can use the Wave individually or all at once for toning, product penetration, and anti-again
        assistance. It works by sending ultrasonic waves into the skin, causing cell nuclei and
        membranes to vibrate. This stimulates skin’s own collagen production. Users have reported
        improved skin texture after using the device.

        The facial tools that doctors and aestheticians use at home
        The Droplette is a breakthrough in skincare, harnessing the power of fluid physics to deliver
        active ingredients deep into the dermal layer of the skin. Its tiny, fast-moving droplets penetrate
        the skin’s barrier like a hand through a chainlink fence. The active ingredients in the Droplette’s
        unique formulations penetrate 20 cell layers deep without compromising the skin’s protective
        barrier. This allows Droplette to deliver clinical-strength results in just a few days.
        Personal Microderm Classic
        This personal skincare device consists of aluminum oxide crystals and is designed to slough
        away dead skin cells from the face. The discs are meant to be replaced every three to four
        treatments. The Personal Microderm is gentle enough to use on both the face and body.
        Although the results are often not immediately visible, the effects can be seen after a few
        treatments. The Personal Microderm is sold with instructions that show users how to use it
        The Dermaflash is a beauty tool designed to exfoliate the skin and remove dead skin cells. Dead
        skin cells are responsible for dull skin and block the absorption of skin care products. The
        DERMAFLASH has two modes: infuse and extract. If you’re concerned about damaging your

        skin, you can try the infuse mode first. It vibrates gently so as not to damage it.

        Rising Options with ECommerce

        Rising Options with ECommerce

        In short, e-commerce is the process of buying and selling products and services through electronic means, such as mobile applications and the Internet pressure cooker malaysia review. E-commerce refers to both online commerce and electronic transactions. In the last decade, the popularity of e-commerce has grown significantly and has successfully replaced traditional neighborhood stores as well as hypermarkets.

        Rise of e-commerce - Opinion - What Mobile

        Non-stop shopping

        Ecommerce can allow anyone to buy and sell products globally, twenty-four hours a day, without other overhead, which any traditional store is required to do. For a better marketing mix and a better conversion rate, a successful e-commerce business must also have a physical presence through the users of the affiliate platforms that advertise the respective business.

        While most people believe that the notion of e-commerce is limited to consumer retail (B2C), there are actually many other types of e-commerce. These include online auctions , online banking , ticket sales and booking , and business to business (B2B). Recently, the growth of e-commerce has spread to mobile devices, an activity known as m-commerce, which is simply a subsidiary of e-commerce.

        Secure payment systems

        In the last decade, e-commerce has seen an explosive growth and there are good reasons to understand why this has happened. As the Internet takes root in everyday life and daily routine, e-commerce adoption continues to grow, and entrepreneurs are taking advantage of this.

        Given that in the early 2000s, many people were skeptical about transferring cards over the Internet, the e-commerce transaction is currently on the rise. SSL certificates, encryption and trusted external payment systems, such as Paypal, Worldpay and Skrill , have helped increase people’s confidence in e-commerce.

        • In short, an e-commerce (e-commerce) is just the process of buying and selling products through electronic means, such as mobile applications and the Internet.
        • E-commerce refers to both online commerce and electronic transactions. It has greatly increased its popularity in recent decades and is beginning to increasingly replace traditional stores.
        • An e-commerce allows you to sell and buy products 24 hours a day, without having to be physically present in a traditional store. However, having a store is a plus that will help you achieve your goals.

        While many people think of e-commerce as business to consumer (B2C), there are many other types of e-commerce. These include online auction sites, Internet Banking, online tickets, reservations and business to business (B2B) transactions. Recently, e-commerce has expanded through sales using mobile devices, known as “m-Commerce”.

        Mintel: US Evolving ECommerce: Shopping On Social Market Report –  International Supermarket News


        Why has e-commerce grown exponentially in the last decade?

        As the Internet takes root in our daily lives, the acceptance of e-commerce continues to grow, and businesses are taking advantage of this.

        In the early 2000s, many people were skeptical of giving their card details to an online retailer. SSL Certificates Encryption and reliable external payment systems such as PayPal, WorldPay and Skrill have helped improve people ‘s confidence in e-commerce .

        What are the benefits of e-commerce?

        Creating an e-commerce has never been easier than it is now . Platforms such as Shopify or WooCommerce also allow less tech savvy people to create an online store.

        E-commerce benefits

        Gone are the days when professional figures like Web Developers or Web Designers were needed to create and manage such an activity. Nowadays, design models and WYSIWYG systems (what you see is what you get) allow people to start an e-commerce store in minutes.

        Advantages Of Google+ Are Countless; This Is One Stop Platform.

        Advantages Of Google+ Are Countless; This Is One Stop Platform.
        Google+ is a new development of Google. This browser is not any additional thing from
        conventional Google but has many applications and new inclusions. The facilities available with
        Google+ can provide a solid base for your internet related desire. Now you don't need to open
        various accounts digital marketing agency. Only one account will serve all the Google programs. This is also the

        platform for launching various social media campaigns.

        Image result for Advantages Of Google+ Are Countless; This Is One Stop Platform.
        Normally people do not understand the use of Google+. They assume this as the advanced
        version of the traditional browser. But if the advantages of Google+ are counted, a person will
        find amazing capabilities. With the help of this program, all your communication means got a
        dynamic change. The earlier model of contacting your friends through conventional chat has
        acquired some more wings. Now you are eligible to collaborate all your needs related to the
        web only by accessing the Google+ program and don't need to search various web-based
        applications for discharging different jobs.
        The launching of this program has enhanced the present horizon of Google. This is not only a
        browser, but you can use it as a networking website too. You can download various
        applications and files and share the same with your friends and family without opening any
        other media to transfer the same. Your group can also be formed with the help of Google+. In
        case you promote your product on any website of the social media sites and waiting for the
        response from users.

        Image result for Advantages Of Google+ Are Countless; This Is One Stop Platform.
        Website ranking:
        You cannot finalize the rank structure of your website or liking of the product by users. In this
        case, you can take the help of Google+ to survey ascertaining your website's ranking. With the
        help of Google+, you can search for a huge count of votes in favor of your product. If you are a
        service provider best digital marketing Malaysia, you can also maintain records of likes and shares. According to the market
        surveys, the likings are not the true number of orders; you can get more than 43% orders of
        total likes. You must be aware that if the Google+ counts are in your favor, you may climb so
        quickly in the business field. Your circle will be increasing day by day as several users have
        started adopting the services of Google+. All social media sites can be directly accessible
        through Google+.
        Traffic generation towards this program is not a normal matter; the salient features enabled in
        this program can provide better direction to the inputs. Results reflection ratio (RRR) is also the
        fastest among all search engines. This should not be treated as other search engines where
        keywords are only the media.
        Your emotions are also counted with Google+, and the related search results are displayed on
        your computer screen so quickly. In case any individual is obtaining SEO services, he/she can
        get better results in all the fields.

        The Adventurous Android Casino Games Play

        The Adventurous Android Casino Games Play

        Playing casino games is modern and almost systematic with a tablet, so that every casino provides Android users with at least some form of mobile casino. Phones, laptops mmc singapore, and intelligent watches are all entertainment devices that you can enjoy playing games in.

        Five States Have Gambling Initiatives On The Ballot This November

        Adventures Mobile Casino

        Initially mobile casinos existed in a very split life. Android users had their own games and casinos http://www.mmc33.net/sg/en-us/, and then they could be in their own right on the other side of Apple’s devices. The games didn’t go through and the games were still weak. Dozens of Smartphone Games usually of roulettes, blackjack and all the other slots, may be played at the best casinos. It wasn’t that fun, but in their infancy, smartphones were even.

        During that time, however, Android users had a small as on their devices, namely Flash support. This made the games are more simple and difficult to play online poker using iPhone and Android which provide the complete gaming service for the users.

        Downloadable casino programs were the next step in the growth. This was a pretty fast move, since it was a difficult thing for casinos. Computer stores did not allow their casino games to be kept on their site, so the programs could be downloaded and updated manually from the casino sites. For several players it was too complicated, so this model was soon dropped.

        This was the path to the new iteration, which is a casino that runs directly on mobile devices and is the right way to play casino games on the phone. As a poor technology, Flash is left behind and universally compatible solutions are currently available.

        How live casino has adapted to COVID-19 - CasinoBeats

        Android Casino How To Play

        Android phones and tablets are easy to play with a mobile casino. Any mobile casino that has ios games also supports Android, so you don’t have to look for an Android casino. The condition today is that you have free option of casino. Since all give Android’s finest smartphone games.

        It starts by leading you with a phone or tablet to the casino’s web browser. You will be led automatically to the mobile casino, which only operates comfortably with smaller touch screens. You don’t need to press on or zoom in to see something softly. No, for the phone, it’s all over.

        Create account 

        You will then directly take care of everything on the phone at the casino. You can open your own account, deposit or withdraw money, speak to the customer service, and play naturally. Simply pick the game you want from the list and start spinning. You can play free games with cash or invest real cash to win genuine wins.

        The games work well with the handsets and especially the slot makers really do suit on your phone’s touchscreen. Contrary to the browser, because of the lack of space, certain functions can be transferred into their own configuration menu. For example, these include feedback and other related features that you do not require in each round.

        Make Your Baby Look Stylish With Luxury Baby Clothes Brands

        Modern moms are very concerned about the look and style of their baby clothing, and hence they often prefer buying designer and stylish baby clothes from some bid and reputed brands. Kid’s fashion is a huge industry, and the trends in baby clothing come and go as they do on the runway. There are a variety of baby clothing brands out there, and hence this gives a chance to parents to choose the best and Luxury Baby Clothes Brands which can make their baby comfortable and look fashionable.

        Many baby fashion brands specialize in both high priced and fashionable baby clothing and shoes and accessories. But it would be best if you did not consider buying from any brand until you strike a deal with wholesale prices. Let us discuss buying luxury clothes for your kids online with the best offers, the next thing to look at after going through countless baby stroller reviews.



        Buying Clothing from Luxury Baby Clothes Brands online

        The kind and type of clothes a baby wears greatly depends on their parents’ personality and affordability. Parents usually prefer their babies to be dressed smartly, and such parents always want to go the extra mile to buy Designer Clothes for Children to achieve a smart look. When it comes to designer clothing for children, many luxury brands design a wide variety of designer and luxury clothing for babies.

        Most of these luxury brands usually design clothes for celebrity parents who can afford these brands. The designer and luxury baby clothing industry are very much well established. Many designers are churning out various designer and luxury clothing for toddlers and infants and even for newborns. They also specialize in clothing line for outgrow child. Parents go crazy buying clothes from these designer and luxury brands. 


        Designer Clothes from Luxury Baby Clothes Brands 

        The Luxury Baby Clothes Brands not just only design clothing line for newborns and toddlers, but there is also designer clothing range for outgrown children. Hence, parents will find the best suited and right clothing range with these luxury brands. Many luxury brands specialize in designing designer clothing for babies. They design luxury baby suits, botties, bis, bonnets, and other accessories using superior quality materials to keep the baby comfortable while the clothes are on. 

        Most designer baby clothing collections from these luxury brands can be found online at online fashion stores and online baby stores. There are also fashion brands that design clothing ranges for girls, and parents of a girl child can easily find the largest collection of clothing from these big baby clothing brands online. So, shop online and get the best luxury clothing brands that suit your baby and personality well.     

        The online stores are the best place to buy designer and luxury baby clothes brands. These online stores have the largest collection of luxurious and designer baby clothing brands. This gives you the chance to compare different deals and clothing brands online and buy the best and designer baby clothing brand at discounted rates. 


        Why Is Bitcoins A Good Investment Option?

        Guide To Cryptocurrency Tax Rules13

        Satoshi Nakamoto- the inventor of digital currencies

        Bitcoin, also known as a cryptocurrency, is a digital currency or virtual money that you can distribute electronically. There is no single person who can control these digital currencies. The amount of these currencies is limited, and you cannot print these as well. One of these digital currency equals nearly ten lakh Indian rupees. That is pretty huge. Satoshi Nakamoto is the name of an unknown group or an anonymous programmer that invented them in 2008. They started it in 2009. At that time, they released its implementation as an open-source. Gavin Andersen is also a lead developer. Nakamoto owns nearly one million of these digital currencies, which has a value of $3.6 as of September.


        Let us see how Bitcoins work.

        There are many things to know to understand how Bitcoin work.

        • Their network shares a public ledger, which is called the blockchain. It contains the pieces of information on each transaction, and they combine these digital records into blocks.
        • Changing any one letter of the block will negatively affect all of the following blocks. Therefore, you can easily spot the frauds and correct them immediately.
        • Every user can check the validity of the transactions with cryptocurrency software malaysia. They protect the authenticity of every transaction by digital signatures according to the sending address.
        • It takes some time for the BTC transaction to complete as the verification process takes time. It also depends upon the trading platforms. 


        Know more about these Bitcoins

        Satoshi Nakamoto designs Bitcoin so that every person using it and the machines who mine it can become a part of their network. It makes the whole network independent. It is also a good investment, as in some areas, even if the network gown down, there will be complete movement of the money. Here, people can keep their identities anonymous. You cannot enjoy this facility in banks, as you have to provide all your details like your history, address, phone numbers, etc. Here, there is no need to provide any personal identifying information.  

        People can keep their identity anonymous if they wish to. You can also enjoy different types of wallets which provide proper security and opaqueness. The payment process is quick. Within a few minutes, you will receive the money. You should remember that you cannot get them back if you send these digital currencies to someone. It is also a benefit for you, as the other person cannot lie that they did not receive the currencies from your side.


        Many people doubt how to spend Bitcoin. The big companies like hTC, Dell, Microsoft all accept payments in this way. Various airlines and theatres also accept payments, wherein you can buy the tickets using these digital currencies. There are many hotels, restaurants, beer shops, dating sites, and online casinos who take payments using BTC. Almost every trading company can have transactions using them. As these digital currencies have massive amounts, there are limitations in the spending options. Despite all of these, investing in them is a wise choice.


        What types of interventions promote women’s entrepreneurship?

        women's entrepreneurship

        The start of this new decade has indeed been unprecedented in terms of the pandemic that spread all across the world in less than four months. Although the global economy has been badly affected and might take quite some time to overcome the situation, certain areas of life seem to be developing. The disparities in the economic and health systems have become apparent over these months, and the need for more employees in the healthcare sector has led to the search for more women. They are being exposed to various conditions through these hard times. According to a few studies, women are more likely to lose their job during the pandemic.

        Men losing jobs isn’t as rife as women losing their hope to a better career and being deprived of any form of income. In such times, firms owned by women are more likely to close down, and as per the reports, around 6% difference exists in the loss of jobs for men and women. All these can be attributed to the current climate, but things haven’t been any different during normalcy. Women may not always need empowerment to take on the challenges and grow their business. Let us look at the type of support the women need in handling their entrepreneurship.


        What Works for the Entrepreneurs?

        While in some countries, women become entrepreneurs out of passion, many of them in the developing countries choose this out of necessity. Since microenterprises dominate the market, interventions have always focused on helping this group. Most interventions in the case of female microentrepreneurs are categorized into finance, training, and a combination of both. Several studies have revealed the fact that training always works better when combined with some form of assistance. The past experiences have also proved the same. Female entrepreneurs have testified to the existence of a larger impact on them with the training sessions with an added class on finance. Technical assistance, mentorship, and guidance on finance help the entrepreneurs learn more about each sector thoroughly.


        These programs are not always successful in encouraging women to engage in entrepreneurial activity, but they surely help the aspirants understand the various aspects related to business. The quality of work and firm performance are the most important factors determining the value of the results, and they have always been mixed. Considering the constraints women have to face while engaging in entrepreneurship, the achievements of all these aspirants are more than just great. According to the studies and previous interventions, the conclusions drawn suggest that any training session with an added low-cost mentorship will bring more difference to the current state of the business.

        Outcomes can only be improved when all these areas are explored for the impending challenges that need tackling. With such aspects considered, the women still need interventions that address other common constraints faced by women in the business sector, including child care, choice of domain, and market burdens.