PaceAP, The New Service That Protect Business Owners

PaceAP is a company dedicated to digital security. Our goal is to help prevent and manage the risk of our customers against threats arising from electronic communications. To achieve our objective, we offer a range of solutions and services capable of satisfying the needs of our customers, adapting to their requirements, resources and availability.

To develop our work, we have established a work philosophy based on three fundamental principles: innovation, knowledge, and closeness to the client.

Innovation in the solutions and processes adopted; in this way, PaceAP keeps up with the permanent evolution of technology and the threats that arise.

Knowledge of the capabilities and limitations, advantages and disadvantages, feasibility and relevance of the different solutions and services we offer, provided by our highly qualified professional team.

Closeness with the client, at PaceAP we work side by side and talk about ‘you to you’ with our clients because they concern us with their needs and we want to find the ideal solution for each one.

Cloud Security Program

The PaceAP Cloud CyberSecurity program provides the peace of mind that in SaaS and on platforms such as AWS, Google or Azure the most secure environments are implemented, taking care of aspects such as governance, identity management, threat detection, or management of risk and incidents, among others.

Red Teaming

Our team of professionals carries out multiple attacks that involve different dimensions of CyberSecurity, such as social engineering, physical intrusion tests, network intrusion tests, among others, to offer a global Network Teaming service in the organization.

CyberSecurity C-Level Training

Counsellors, Executives, Executives, Responsible, who are travelling daily and use their tablets, mobiles or laptops, often face multiple attacks of cybercriminals. This training is aimed at raising awareness in improving their security level interaction with the technology that surrounds them.

Cyber ​​Risk Assessment

Knowing the risks to which we are exposed is the path that allows us to design action plans, with the purpose of mitigating, detecting and eliminating threats. CyberRisk Assessment is a complete Cyber ​​Risk analysis service, focused on current threats and the peculiarities of our clients since each one has its own assets, its own exposure and even its own attackers.

Virtual CISO

Security is important for all types of companies, so the existence of the role called Chief Information Security Officer is necessary, in charge of helping companies design, organize and implement the cybersecurity plan within the organization, advising and applying this strategy globally.

Cyber ​​Threat Analysis (OSINT)

We are what is said about us. Our Cyber ​​Intelligence service focuses on the collection of information from our customers on the internet; whether in the media, social networks, content published in repositories, forums.

All this information is collected, organized and structured. With it, KPIs are generated that allow us to evaluate it and know the reputation of the company and anticipate possible attacks that can be carried out in a malicious and directed way.

IoT Security

The Internet already reaches all types of devices: televisions, washing machines, refrigerators … also industrial elements: sensors in cars, alarms, cameras and even machinery. From PaceAP, we accompany in the development of ideas based on IoT, as well as in the security of existing IoT projects and products.

Dedicated to digital security

We are guided by the conviction that nothing is impossible. We transform projects into realities and chart our future path with pride.

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