One Of The Best Strains On The Market: Sunset Sherbet

In recent decades, many breeders around the world have concentrated on creating new strains with the highest possible THC percentage. Today, strains with more than 20% THC, reaching percentages that are around 30%, are no exception.

THC is the active ingredient in cannabis that has made the plant popular, famous, and notorious. The effect of the herb called “high / high” is largely caused by THC.

Currently, the cannabis market offers an overwhelming range of varieties in which each strain has its own personality and characteristics. Growers can opt for some seeds or others depending on their level of growth, appearance, effects, or taste/aroma they seek for planting. Among all types of Indian and Sativa varieties, feminized and auto-flowering, new and classic, we rounded up all the strains and finally found sunset sherbet to be the most popular and admired by the community, here’s why.

Rookie growers often feel stunned by the dizzying number of marijuana genetics offered by the catalogs of grow shops and seed banks. The primary instinct leads us to choose depending on the type of effect, that is, between a Sativa, whose effect is more psychedelic and euphoric, or an Indica, whose potency is more relaxing and narcotic. Today, most varieties are hybrids of both types, so the choice is marked by the percentages and the predominance of one over the other.

Sunset Sherbet is surely the most popular Sativa variety of all time. Strong energy and psychedelic high, Sherbet has gained fame as a generic basis for many heavyweights of the cannabis market, including Sunset Sherbet. This feminized variety is one of the best Sherbet according to several prestigious smokers and growers: with 20% THC, it offers a brain effect that makes it one of the most potent marijuana on the market.

It is an easy to grow and resistant plant, which makes it one of the most profitable varieties for any producer. Its fruity aroma is very intense and has a soft and narcotic effect closer to that of Indica Pink Panties.

Its effect is almost therapeutic, and many consumers use it as an anesthetic to calm pain or anxiety.

With a strong dominance of Girls Scout Cookies, feminized Sunset Sherbet Strain grants a special high, as relaxing as it is refined. It may not be an easy variety for newbies since it requires special care.

Indoors can be a compact and low floor, although, with enough space, it can develop quite a lot, with abundant lateral branches. Outdoors, in large pots or directly on the ground, it can grow a lot in height; and, above all, it can develop very long secondary branches, which make it a rounded and wide plant. Due to this, it is a very discreet plant, but of a great production.

What do you think of these powerful seeds? Undoubtedly, these are marijuana plants not suitable for beginners; when trying them, you will live an experience that will be enhanced based on the characteristics of each of them. Ready to smoke any of these strains?

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