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Satoshi Nakamoto- the inventor of digital currencies

Bitcoin, also known as a cryptocurrency, is a digital currency or virtual money that you can distribute electronically. There is no single person who can control these digital currencies. The amount of these currencies is limited, and you cannot print these as well. One of these digital currency equals nearly ten lakh Indian rupees. That is pretty huge. Satoshi Nakamoto is the name of an unknown group or an anonymous programmer that invented them in 2008. They started it in 2009. At that time, they released its implementation as an open-source. Gavin Andersen is also a lead developer. Nakamoto owns nearly one million of these digital currencies, which has a value of $3.6 as of September.


Let us see how Bitcoins work.

There are many things to know to understand how Bitcoin work.

  • Their network shares a public ledger, which is called the blockchain. It contains the pieces of information on each transaction, and they combine these digital records into blocks.
  • Changing any one letter of the block will negatively affect all of the following blocks. Therefore, you can easily spot the frauds and correct them immediately.
  • Every user can check the validity of the transactions with cryptocurrency software malaysia. They protect the authenticity of every transaction by digital signatures according to the sending address.
  • It takes some time for the BTC transaction to complete as the verification process takes time. It also depends upon the trading platforms. 


Know more about these Bitcoins

Satoshi Nakamoto designs Bitcoin so that every person using it and the machines who mine it can become a part of their network. It makes the whole network independent. It is also a good investment, as in some areas, even if the network gown down, there will be complete movement of the money. Here, people can keep their identities anonymous. You cannot enjoy this facility in banks, as you have to provide all your details like your history, address, phone numbers, etc. Here, there is no need to provide any personal identifying information.  

People can keep their identity anonymous if they wish to. You can also enjoy different types of wallets which provide proper security and opaqueness. The payment process is quick. Within a few minutes, you will receive the money. You should remember that you cannot get them back if you send these digital currencies to someone. It is also a benefit for you, as the other person cannot lie that they did not receive the currencies from your side.


Many people doubt how to spend Bitcoin. The big companies like hTC, Dell, Microsoft all accept payments in this way. Various airlines and theatres also accept payments, wherein you can buy the tickets using these digital currencies. There are many hotels, restaurants, beer shops, dating sites, and online casinos who take payments using BTC. Almost every trading company can have transactions using them. As these digital currencies have massive amounts, there are limitations in the spending options. Despite all of these, investing in them is a wise choice.