5 Tips For Female Entrepreneurs Breaking Into Startups

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5 Tips For Female Entrepreneurs Breaking Into Startups

Tech entrepreneurs are leading drivers of economic development, introducing ground-breaking and innovative technologies, creating jobs for thousands, and improving lives all over the world with new products and services. However, their potential to transform society is limited. The startup scene will continue failing to meet its full potential until half of the world’s population is adequately represented amongst its ranks - and by this, I mean greater inclusion of women.

Barriers for female entrepreneurs are slowly being lifted and the number of female founders has steadily risen across the startup scene doubling from 9% in 2009 to 18% in 2014, yet this is simply not enough. More can and must be done. We are still not seeing enough women leaders in tech, even as women have shown that they are just as capable as male entrepreneurs to fill those roles. Female entrepreneurs have a strong and important role to play in society. It's important that we take responsibility and actively participate in bringing about the change we want see - more women led startups.

Unlike previous generations, people today have unprecedented access to innovations that connect them to the wider world through computers, the Web, smartphones, and more. It is these tools that form the foundations of any tech business. The beauty of these inventions is that they serve as equalizers between men and women - anyone utilizing them can potentially start their own business, no matter their gender.

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