Ministry of Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection (MoWE-CP)

This ministry is in charge of women’s affairs and child protection, helps the President create and implement policies, and generally supports the states’ responsibilities related to women and children. The ministry aims to promote gender mainstreaming and to increase the role of the community in women’s empowerment and child protection, among other efforts. MoWE-CP collaborates with other partners to run expos featuring women’s products in local, national, and international markets. Each year it holds the Katumbiri Expo with the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs to women opportunities to display their products to prospective buyers. Certain expos target participants from small-scale industry as this industry has challenges in securing markets. MoWE-CP, in cooperation with Financial Service Authority (OJK), conducts financial and banking literacy training for women. This program educates women in rural and urban areas on how to better manage money and other economic resources to enhance their gains, including through investing in the stock exchange market. The program aims to boost women’s capacity to mobilize their resources for safer and more effective financial activities. In addition, MoWE-CP, and other government organizations, hold training to enhance women’s use of innovation and technology in their businesses.