Korea Entrepreneurship Foundation

Established in 2010 with assets totaling $9 million, the Korea Entrepreneurship Foundation helps young people start and develop businesses and create employment. KEF provides under-served young entrepreneurs with training, access to finance, and mentorship, among other services. KEF works with governments, businesses, and NGOs to continue developing opportunities in support of youth. Its “YES Leaders Club”, comprised of successful business people, gives lectures to young people on entrepreneurship. KEF also promotes connectivity between young entrepreneurs and angel investors. It partnered with the Korea Venture Investment Corp. and Korea Venture Capital Association to create an “Angel Matching Fund” of $8.7 million and also held a business-startup contest whose winners were given letters of intent from angel investors. KEF has also partnered with the Kaufman Foundation to implement its education curriculum and collaborate on research. It has worked with universities’ entrepreneurship centers to develop entrepreneurship teaching materials and build networks.