Empowering Communities with Hope and Opportunities through Sustainable Initiatives (ECHOsi) Foundation

Established in 2012, this nonprofit foundation helps to develop and support a supply value-chain for small producers making artisanal or eco-friendly products. ECHOsi is the nonprofit arm of the ECHOstore Sustainable Lifestyle, a social retail store focused on locally-made fair trade and environmentally friendly products. ECHOsi helps small producers, farmers, and women micro-entrepreneurs with early-stage product development and adoption of value-adding activities such as packaging, design, and product diversification. ECHOsi also helps communities identify potential markets and produce specialty ‘niche’ goods. As of 2013, ECHOsi had helped 100 organizations and foundations and close to 80,000 individuals, as well as managed the development of many new products for market testing and sales.

In partnership with the Philippine Commission on Women under the GREAT Women Program (2007–2013), the ECHOsi Foundation reached “approximately 500 women, with around 900 additional beneficiaries through cascade workshops, impacting 28,500 women”. The three women founders of the organization, known as the “ECHOtrio,” advocate for sustainability and women’s causes, and appear on talk shows, in schools, and at companies to speak about the green lifestyle and social entrepreneurship.