ECHOstore Sustainable Lifestyle is a pioneering green retail store brand. ECHOstore is the first store of its kind in the Philippines to position green, fair trade community products in a premium, specialty market segment. In comparison to other international brands, it is a combination of Body Shop and Whole Foods. The brand promotes a sustainable lifestyle and conscious consumerism. Its unique role as an integrating-bridging-collaborative brand-company parallels its growth alongside development efforts of its ECHOsi Foundation. The ECHOsi Store-Foundation work with marginalized groups, government, NGOs and private sector to support livelihood through market access; thereby breaking the cycle of poverty and supporting the environment through a sustainable cycle of development, production, sales, marketing and branding.ECHOstore accepts products for distribution and sale in its 9 stores around the Philippines. Entrepreneurs or producers may submit samples to any of its stores in the key cities. The stores serve as sourcing hubs for women start-ups.